OCTOBER 2021 COMFORT ZONE – live sounddesign solo version

OCTOBER 2021 COMFORT ZONE – live sounddesign solo version

OCTOBER 2021 COMFORT ZONE – live sounddesign solo version
Dance performance by Silke Z. With Dennis Alexander Schmitz (Dance) and André Zimmermann (Sound design)


Most decisions are made subconsciously. The brain pre-sorts, because otherwise we would already be completely overwhelmed with everyday sensory perceptions. But what happens when we make the very conscious decision to break out of the comfort of our habits? When we dare to forget our vanity for a moment to devote ourselves to pure physicality?

Performer Dennis Alexander Schmitz makes this attempt and invites us on a journey into worlds of movement that challenge our imagination. Dennis Alexander Schmitz and Sound designer André Zimmermann confront the audience with an intense and emotional alliance between body, sound, devotion and ectasis. André Zimmermann’s live sound takes the energetic piece through various zones, from cool detachment to total exhaustion to peak performance and into unknown zones beyond.

The need for well-being is suspended for the duration of the piece and only direct movement is still possible. Through the unbroken presence and participation in the hall, the audience is automatically lured out of their own comfort zone and addressed with all their senses.

Silke Z. | concept & artistic direction in collaboration with:

Dennis Alexander Schmitz | dance

André Zimmermann | sound design

Garlef Keßler | lightning design

Dennis Alexander Schmitz | costume

Hanna Held, Carina Graf | administration

Vinya Cameron | public relations

Kerstin Rosemann | public relations

©Meyer Originals | picture

Dennis Alexander Schmitz | is a contemporary dancer from Cologne. He studied at Tanzfabrik Berlin, MUK Vienna and DOCH Stockholm. The main interest of his dance work and teaching is the focus of ethical interaction. Exposing and questioning power structures and discovering and using each one’s own inner impulse to transform them into movement is another concern of his position as an artist. As a performer Dennis has worked with various choreographers throughout Europe, including Jolika Sudermann, Britta Pudelko, Annelie Andre (Berlin), Nikolaus Selimov, Samuel Bartussek(Vienna), Karolien Verlinden (Antwerp), T Ertl (Stockholm) and Silke Z. (Cologne)

André Zimmermann | made his debut at the age of 16 as a composer for dance and theatre. After graduating from high school, he learned at the Cologne audio post-production company TorusGmbH. As a sound supervisor, he has realised more than 30 feature films, 200 TV productions, numerous games and various audio installations and has received various nominations and awards for these (including the Golden Reel Award / Los Angeles). Postgraduate he studied film directing at the Academy of Media Arts in Cologne and since 2006 he realised various projects as conceptual designer, author, director and dramaturge for film, theatre and multimedia projects. During his studies, he founded the Z2 Studios for audio postproduction in Cologne Ehrenfeld and in 2012 the software company Counterpulse-Audio for innovative tools in the audio field. In 2015 the label “Counterpulse Audio Mix&Edit” was founded in new premises. He founded the label Deeper Drama in 2016. Most recently, he won the German Film and Television award Lola for the sound design of the film Styx.

Garlef Keßler | studied Applied Cultural Studies and Aesthetic Practice at the University of Hildesheim and subsequently worked as a technical assistant at the Huis aan de Amstel Theatre (Amsterdam), Dansgroep Krisztina de Châtel (Amsterdam) and Sasha Waltz & Guests (Berlin). Since 2011 he has been the technical director of TPZAK (Circus and Theatre School Cologne). In November 2016 he completed his apprenticeship as a master craftsman for event technology. As a freelance lightning designer, he works for various dance and theatre companies, including El Cuco Project, flies & tales, Overhead Project, cie., nomoreless (Gitta Roser), Silke Z. resistdance, IPtanz and the Un-Label Projekt. For the past three years he has been the technical director of the SoloDuo Festival NRW + friends.

Silke Z | lives with her family in Cologne. After completing her diplomatic sports studies (DSHS) with a focus on dance and skiing, she studied dance at the European Dance Development Centre (EDDC) in Arnhem, NL and the Moving On Centre-School for Participatory Arts and Research (MOC) in San Francisco, USA. She is the artistic director of the company Silke Z. resistdance and the intergenerational ensemble DIE METABOLISTEN and produces dance and performance works in Germany and abroad. She has received several awards for her work. In 2015 she founded the ehrenfeldstudios, an artist-led dance production space with an interdisciplinary and inclusive alignment in Cologne. In the same year, Silke Z. began her artistic and practical research on the topic of “Performing Immediacy” as part of her PhD at Falmouth University (UK). In the winter semester 2018/19 she taught at the Ruhr University Bochum where she worked out her methods with the students of the Scenic Research course. COMFORT ZONE is the first stage production resulting from her research on the topic of presence.


Tuesday 26th October 2021, 8pm

Photography © Meyer Originals



LOVE IS … PRIME! | the empathic body vol.2

by Silke Z. and die metabolisten


Sept. 23rd 2021 at 8:00 pm ehrenfeldstudios, Cologne

Dec. 04th 2021at 6:00 pm
Dec. 05th 2021at 4:00 pm




Love is… affection, compliments, devotion, abandonment, basic trust, happiness,

protective and complicated.

In their new production, Silke Z. and the intergenerational ensemble die metabolisten devote themselves to the many facets of love.

It is about the moment of revelation, self-love, longing and lust, rapture and the power of love, but also about hate speech, saying no out loud or dissolving oneself in love.

The dancers have produced solo videos on one aspect of love, which serve as the basis for the production and the love parcours through the ehrenfeldstudios.

In video projections, sound installations and dance performances, the rooms of the ehrenfeldstudios will become a parcours of love in which the audience can move freely.

Join us in exploring the many facets of love and try to endure and defend this great feeling with us!


Artistic direction and choreography | Silke Z.

Performance | Daniela Riebesam, Vivien Kovarbasic, Caroline Simon, Dennis Schmitz, Jimin Seo, David Winking, Hanna Held, Annika Bode, Meike Kattwinkel

Intergenerative dramaturgy | André Zimmermann, Bettina Muckenhaupt, Lilith Giles

Production Management | Annina Pomaska

Sound Design | André Zimmermann

Lighting Design | Wolfgang Pütz

Costume and stage | Claudia Grünig, Annina Pomaska

Dance mediation | Silke Z., Caroline Simon, Dennis Schmitz, Hanna Held

Management | Hanna Held

Administration | Carina Graf

Organization | Anna Boldt

Public Relations | Vinya Cameron

Public Relations | Kerstin Rosemann

Photo Documentation | Claudia Grünig, Annina Pomaska

Video documentation | Barbara Schröer

The overall concept is supported by the following partners:

Co-production: Fokus Tanz e.V. Munich, Junges Schauspielhaus Bochum.

Cooperation: Albertus-Magnus-Gymnasium Cologne, ehrenfeldstudios e.V.

Thanks to the students of TMK classes of Albertus-Magnus-Gymnasium Cologne for their input to the production!

Funded by the state of NRW within the framework of the 3-year conceptual funding and the city of Cologne within the framework of the multi-year project funding.

Artistic Research – Labs with people over 60

Artistic Research – Labs with people over 60

Artistic research – The empathic body


As part of the multi-year artistic stage, outreach and research project The Empathic Body by choreographer Silke Z. and the ensemble DIE METABOLISTEN, four dance – labs for the generation over 60 will be offered in 2021 with the title THE DISTANT BODY.

The effects of the Corona pandemic, especially the distance regulations have changed the (performance) world. The use of Zoom etc. to “work further” in art assigns a new meaning to the body and the question of distance. Especially for the older generation, the awareness of distance has changed. What does distance mean today? Distance from one’s own body? What effects does distance have on movement? How do these developments affect relationships? What does social distancing mean in life, in old age and in a stage context?

In the laboratory situations, the participants research these questions in solos, duos and groups together with the choreographer and selected ensemble members for a week and bring the results to the stage of the ehrenfeldstudios in a final performance.

***In addition to the lab weeks, rehearsal and performance visits are planned as part of the ensemble’s artistic productions***




LAB 1: March 15 to March 20, 2021

LAB 2: October 25 – October 30, 2021

LAB 3: November 15 – November 20, 2021

LAB 4: May 9 – May and 13, 2022

Public presentation: May 14 I 6 pm

Participation is free of charge. No previous experience is required for participation.


Silke Z.

c/o ehrenfeldstudios

Wissmannstrasse 38

50823 Cologne

0221 222 666 3




The project is funded by the Cultural Office of the City of Cologne, the Förderfonds Kultur und Alter of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia with the Ministry of Culture and Science of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia (stage and research), Fonds Darstellende Künste (stage) and the Rheinenergie Stiftung Kultur (mediation). In cooperation with the theatre and media class of the Albertus Magnus Gymnasium, Cologne, Junges Schauspielhaus Bochum and Fokus Tanz, Munich.





Photo: © Claudia Grünig

Info (only german) on our workshops, labs, and outreach formats:

NOV 2020 | WE | The Empathic Body Vol. 1

NOV 2020 | WE | The Empathic Body Vol. 1

The Empathic Body Vol. 1
WE | 2021

Theaterrevier (Zeche Eins),
Prinz-Regent-Straße 50-60, 44795 Bochum
November 2021

Sa.,  06  | 7:30 pm
So.,  07  |    6 pm
Mo., 08 |  10 am

ehrenfeldstudios, Köln
November  2021

11th | 10 am – performance for schools
12th |  10 am – performance for schools
13th |  4 pm – performance for families
14th |  4 pm – performance for families


We are emotional.
We are resilient.
We are dependent.
We are loving.
We are uncertain.
We are envious, assaulting, grateful.
We are strange – tender – ignorant – freaky.
We are diverse.

Man as a social being has the ability to empathize with others, to put himself in their place, to take the place of the other. Can we not do otherwise? “We” transfers the natural forms of emotional contagion into dance-choreographic settings. The performers take a tightrope walk between attraction and aversion, affection and assault.
Silke Z.’ Ensemble DIE METABOLISTEN negotiates in “we” about empathy and faces the invasive, encroaching side of empathy. This first production of the project “DER EMPATHISCHE KÖRPER” lays the foundation for a perennial examination of the topic “empathy”. The intergenerational company is looking for new performative perspectives to approach the complex of themes and cultivate “we” feelings.


“The encounter with artists changes because it confronts the students with different ways of working. At the core of every work of art the question arises as to the method with which it was created. This opens up new horizons for pupils in a world that threatens to perish due to its “neglect of prosperity”. ”(Thomas Linden, Choices)

Magazin O-Tone Köln: https://www.resistdance.de/wp-content/uploads/O-Ton_Koeln_Wir_Zerban_20.11.20.pdf


Further dates – Live:

Sun, May 9 I 7pm
Mon/Tue, May 10/11 I 10am (school performance)


Kammerspiele (Junges Schauspielhaus Bochum)
Königsallee 15
44789 Bochum


Artistic direction and choreography | Silke Z.

Performance | Daniela Riebesam, Vivien Kovarbasic, Caroline Simon, Florian Patschovsky, Dennis Schmitz, Angus Balbernie, Bettina Muckenhaupt, Jimin Seo, David Winking, Lisa Kirsch, Karel Vanek, Rebecca Bednarzyk, Hanna Held

Music composition | Nikolaj Grunwald, André Zimmermann

Lighting design | Wolfgang Pütz

Dramaturgy Consulting | Barbara Fuchs

Dance education | Andrea Marton, Caroline Simon

Administration/Management | Olivia Bott

Public Relations | Vinya Cameron

Press work | Kerstin Rosemann

Photo documentation | Jacqueline Stade

The overall concept is supported by the following partners:

Co-production: Fokus Tanz e.V. / Think Big! Festival Munich, Junges Schauspielhaus Bochum. Cooperation: Albertus-Magnus Gymnasium, Cologne, Ruhr University Bochum, German Sport University, Cologne, ehrenfeldstudios e.V.

Funded by the State of NRW as part of the 3-year concept funding and the City of Cologne as part of the multi-year project funding.