Come a little closer. Even closer. Super close. Can you feel our age? Can you taste our experiences? Do you desire our knowledge? Which body will you reveal to me?  

In TEMPTATION, 10 performers over the age of 55 move between lust and loss, flirtation and shame, pleasure and pain and create a statement on sexuality in old age(s) in biographical excerpts and physical snapshots. TEMPTATION embarks on a lustful journey to stimulating, lost and obscure places and is dedicated to the visibility of individual lust in old age(s). 

The ensemble is made up of performers from the OLDSCHOOL theatre ensemble of Schauspiel Köln under the artistic direction of David Vogel as well as performers from the Silke Z. company.


24.02.2024 @ Schauspiel Köln, Cologne

15.03.2024 @ ehrenfeldstudios, Cologne

16.03.2024 @ ehrenfeldstudios, Cologne


Artistic direction: David Vogel, Silke Z.
Director: David Vogel
Choreography: Silke Z.
Performance: Friedhelm Friebe, Uta Gärtel, Anne Kaute, Felicitas Martin, Hartmut Misgeld, Bettina Muckenhaupt, Guido Preuss, Mina Rahimzacleh, Gabriele Seiler-Seidler, Majid Taatizadeh, Joalia Ellwanger
Costume: Julia Misiorny, Anette Köhler
Set design: Anna Lachnit
Lighting design: Garlef Kessler
Sound design: Liam Giles
Production management & assistance: Hanna Held, Matthis Volkmar
Assistance & internship: Joalia Ellwanger



Upcoming performances will be announced here.