In the guest performance series DIVERSITY, Silke Z. invites national and international dance productions to ehrenfeldstudios that artistically negotiate the themes of inclusion & participation // gender & sexuality // racism & privilege // age & visibility. The topics of the diversity discourse are explicitly linked in the repertoire here and their visibility is to be made effective in the long term.

Each of the invited guest performances will be accompanied by a duo dance piece by Silke Z. with dancers from the ensemble die metabolisten, thus providing a transgenerative perspective.

The first guest performance of the series Diversity On Inclusion & Participation.

von CiM – Companhia de Dança (Portugal)

An inclusive dance piece for all aged 8 and up in cooperation with QUERFELDEIN

Human Geography investigates the relationship between people and their environment in different places. In the choreography HUMAN GEOGRAPHY by Ana Rita Barata, the performers enter a space together – their bodies become points of reference for each other as well as for the things and movements in this space. They create a living, constantly changing map of different surfaces, landscapes and territories. How do the bodies and things relate to each other in space? How do they change common territories? HUMAN GEOGRAPHY is the surveying of a space with different bodies that inscribe their traces in the memory of this place.

CiM – dance Company promotes a pioneering approach to artistic creation in the spirit of inclusion through dance and image. The company develops regular training and awareness that focuses on the movement specificities and unique expressiveness of each dancer/performer and promotes a vision of the idea of capacity and boundaries through choreography that reveals diversity as a driving force.

WITH US – Episode 1: Karel (65) meets David (25) 
Silke Z. & the metabolisten

Before the performances, Silke Z. & die metabolisten develop an intergenerational dance perspective on the guest performance Human Geography: In Episode 1, Karel (65) and David (25) meet.


9 & 10 June 2022 | Workshop CiM “Dance for All”: for students after the performance
11 June 2022 | 12 am – 2 pm  Workshop CiM “Dance for All” (all levels, mixed-abled): Registration is requested at


Thursday 9 June 2022 I 10 am
Friday 10 June 2022 I 10 am
Saturday 11 June 2022 I 4 pm
Sunday 12 June 2022 I 4 pm

9 & 10 June 2022 | Workshop CiM “Dance for All”: for students after the performance
11 June 2022 | 12 am – 2 pm  Workshop CiM “Dance for All” (all levels, mixed-abled): Registration is requested at

at the ehrenfeldstudios, Cologne


Choreography |
Ana Rita Barata
Artistic advisor |
Pedro Sena Nunes
Dancers |
Bruno Rodrigues, Joana Gomes, Nelson Moniz
Costumes |
Mafalda Estácio
Sound and light design |
Pedro Sena Nunes
Production |
Inês Baptista

The second guest performance of the series Diversity on Gender & Sexuality:


September 2022 I Stay tuned for more information!


Artistic director: Silke Z.
Management: Caroline Simon, Hanna Held
Administration: Carina Graf
Organisation: Anna Boldt
Press and public relations: Kerstin Rosemann

The guest performance “HUMAN GEOGRAPHY” of the series DIVERSITY cooperates with the programme series Querfeldein, which is financed, among others, by the funding for top-level productions (Spitzenförderung) of tanzfuchs PRODUKTION.




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