BEST OF 65 |

BEST OF 65  celebrates aging – in life and on stage. On the occasion of his 65th birthday, the performer Angus Balbernie embarks on an entertaining journey through time: He recalls weird, comic and intense performance moments of his career and dives into the past – and 20 years of collaboration with choreographer Silke Z. With joint productions, such as the performance series “Unter Uns! Das Generationenprojekt”, the performance “machtMUT” or the dance production “DIE METABOLISTEN – STOFF WECHSELN”. The result is a performance medley that deals with aging on stage and the challenges associated with it in a natural, deeply human and sympathetic way, while at the same time celebrating life and the aging body in a dance performance context.

Premiere: 2019 | 60 min. | 1 performer


Guest performance:
Danswerkstaedi, Reykjavik, Island
1 April 2020 postponed to 2021 due to the Corona Pandemic


“Z. has built up the evening scenically beyond any chronology. So you remain Room for humour, fantasy, poetry and clever remarks. The projection screen becomes a Communication offer. Here Balbernie may express his thoughts, about the physical ailments, which have made his dancing life a very difficult one. Report on its philosophical development, in which dance increasingly takes place in spiritual confrontation, and refuse to answer questions such as “how long does he still want to dance?




Concept/Choreography: Silke Z.

In collaboration with the performer: Angus Mc Lean Balbernie

Light/Stage: Wolfgang Pütz

Production assistance: Steven Sander

Photo: © Meyer Originals

A production by Silke Z. resistdance.

Supported by the Cultural Office of the City of Cologne, Minister President of the State of NRW