MOVE! – 20. Krefelder Tage für modernen Tanz

Tuesday, October 26th I 8pm

Fabrik Heeder, Krefeld

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COMFORT ZONE, dance performance by Silke Z. with John Kendall (Newcastle) and Dennis Schmitz (Cologne)

What happens when we consciously decide to break out of the comfort of streamlined habits? If we dare to return the economy of vanity to a non-designed physicality? Does that bring us back to forgotten originality?

John Kendall and Dennis Schmitz invite us on a circular journey into worlds of movement, which demands our imagination, which abducts us into the total presence of an intimate pact. The two performers dive into a unanimous alliance between their bodies, into an interaction of unknown intensity. Their mutual promise to deny any comfort to each other leads them and the audience out of the comfort zone.

Premiere: 2019 | November



Fri, April 30, 2021 I 9 pm I at TANZ NRW I Online Stream via dringeblieben

October 8 – 10, 2021 I Maunula-talo, Helsinki, Finland

Fusion Festival, Müritz 2020 (postponed to  2021 – Corona-Pandemic)


The Briton John Kendall and Dennis Alexander Schmitz from Cologne deliver a gripping encounter from man to man. They run and gesticulate and always dance with determination and dynamism in every action. André Zimmermann’s sound design heats up the brute feat of strength with a subtle increase in tempo”.
(Kölnische Rundschau)

“It’s breathtaking how Kendall and Schmitz keep up this endurance run in a thousand variations over a long period of time.
Garlef Keßler uses a cold white light that once again makes it perfectly clear that this evening is not about pleasure…
Silke Z. shows a choreography that is so out of the ordinary that it is definitely worth a visit.”

Photography © Meyer Originals