We reveal fears, dreams, hopes and face public expectations. We focus on the personal focal point of the body. We drop hulls. We dedicate ourselves to fragility, permeability and imperfection. We appreciate the void. We question success. We celebrate the challenge. We praise failure. We show the human.

The interdisciplinary Performance Days ECHT.JETZT, the annual event takes place in cooperation with the Kölner Künstler Theater and focuses on the friction between art, society and politics.

Photography: © Meyer Originals

 Premiere | September 2018


“… the need of the artists to devote themselves to their sensitivities, says Silke Z. Something about the madness of having to produce all the time. This professional group is called the “free scene”.

(Cologne City Gazette)


“Silke Z. explains that the theatre is to become a place of negotiation between artist and audience, sending Felix Marchand, a performer from Berlin, into the first season who has already had strong performances in Cologne. After an evening with him, one is convinced that one has witnessed an event.”

(Kölnische Rundschau)



ehrenfeldstudios, Cologne

Cologne Artist Theatre, Cologne

Bread Factory Stage Bonn, Bonn