YOU ARE SAFE  The new dance performance by Cologne choreographer Silke Z. resistdance deals with questions about the (un)controllability and effects of fear on our soul, our body and our human relationships. Fear becomes more and more obvious in their grasp. It occupies a key discourse of our time that deals with the core of the human and difficult to answer questions. Live electro sounds by André Zimmermann drive a cross-over round of the disclosure of social fears. Survival strategies, solidarity and cooperation as well as defensive attitudes and peer group formation are intensively researched. As is usual in Silke Z.’s productions, in her latest choreography YOU ARE SAFE pure and direct physical reflections become a scenic manifesto for the ensemble DIE METABOLISTEN.

Premiere: 2018 | 60 min. | 10 performers

“The fact that Silke Z. and her company are so purposefully addressing a current social phenomenon gives the production a freshness that convincingly demonstrates how political questions are inscribed in the body of society.
“I want to inscribe questions into the body of society”  says Silke Z.”

(Kölnische Rundschau)




Concept/Choreography: Silke Z.

In collaboration with the performers: Angus Mc Lean Balbernie, Ulrike Lösch-Will, Karel Vanek, Malina Hoffmann, Alice Smith, Lisa Kirsch, Florian Patschovsky, Abine Leão Ka, Caroline Simon, Stefan Henaku-Grabski

Composed by: André Zimmermann

Light/Stage: Garlef Keßler

Production assistance: Dario Stasch

Administration: Brita Keller

PR: mechtild tellmann cultural management

Photography: © Stefan Henaku-Grabski |  © Meyer Originals

A production by Silke Z. resistdance.

Supported by the Cultural Office of the City of Cologne, Minister President of the State of NRW