PERFORMING IMMEDIACY is an artistic research project of the Cologne choreographer Silke Z. in cooperation with the study program Scenic Research of Theatre Studies at the Ruhr University Bochum, supported by the Kunststiftung NRW. In seminars and discussion forums, practical experience can be gained using the methods of the performer Andrew Morrish and the choreographer Silke Z. In this framework, we investigate how and when we perceive originality, presence and immediacy in the context of a performance, how we let ourselves be touched and how we talk, write and think about them.

In a performance experiment between the Australian performer Andrew Morrish and the Cologne choreographer Silke Z., Morrish & Z. address the phenomenon of (stage) presence. At the interfaces of choreography and improvisation, practice and theory, philosophy and performance, Morrish navigates through his worlds of ideas with creative power and creativity, while the spontaneous interventions in the events on the part of the choreographer serve to irritate and disturb. Immediate, poetic, magical and touching moments arise at the breaking points whenever both worlds come together in a magical way, but without getting lost in each other.

Photography © Meyer Originals

Premiere | January 2019