THE OTHERS (DIE ANDEREN), Dance performance by Silke Z. & die Metabolisten

Digitalization and networking in our societies make us think of an apparently direct, immediate proximity. But the supposed abolition of distance does not create more closeness but destroys it. Real closeness to others is becoming increasingly difficult. In order to create closeness, the other must first be identified benevolently. And diversity must be allowed to endure. Processes of rapprochement, however, are increasingly giving way to a growing lack of distance. Identity-less pseudo-equality that remains meaningless.
So who are: THE OTHERS?

Silke Z.’s new dance performance DIE ANDEREN negotiates with the intergenerational ensemble DIE METABOLISTEN the phenomena of proximity and distance in a powerful associative way. Tableaux Vivants emerge in an escalating physical mixture, catapulting us – sometimes desolate, sometimes ordered – into a rollercoaster ride of emotions.

Premiere on December 6th 2019


PLAY! WILDwest Festival 2021 – digital

Alles könnte anders sein_#Empathie

Funded by: Land NRW

In Cooperation with: kubia

Premiere: 2019 | December

Artistic direction | Silke Z. Co-Director | Angus Balbernie Assistant | Meike Kattwinkel Performance | Angus Balbernie, Malina Hoffmann, Lisa Kirsch, Abine Leao Ka, Bettina Muckenhaupt, Florian Patschovsky, Caroline Simon, Alice Smith, Charles Ripley, Karel Vanek Lighting Design | Garlef Keßler Sound Design | Andre Zimmermann Text and Creative Management | Andreas Richartz Photo/Design | Stefan Henaku-Grabski PR | Konfetti Design

In cooperation with Angus Balbernie, … [Silke Z.] … developed this evening. The Others is the title of their play, that will captivate the audience in an entertaining hour. … Meanwhile, a touching final picture emerges on the stage. And if one sprinkled snow over it, it would be the perfect Christmas story. But it shouldn’t be so much emotion after all. It’s also enough to get the audience to enthusiastic applause. Silke Z. presented a piece that deals with the topic of closeness without sentimentality, but with wit and original ideas. One can look forward to the coming year when Silke Z. will tell us what the emphatic body is all about.

Michael Zerban (O-Ton, Düsseldorf)

Foto: @JacQue Photography