LOVE IS … PRIME! | the empathic body vol. 2


PREMIERE: 23 September 2021 | 8 pm ehrenfeldstudios, Cologne

4 December 2021 | 6 pm
5 December 2021 | 4 pm

Love is… affection, compliments, devotion, abandonment, basic trust, happiness,

protective and complicated.

In their new production, Silke Z. and the intergenerational ensemble die metabolisten devote themselves to the many facets of love.

It is about the moment of revelation, self-love, longing and lust, rapture and the power of love, but also about hate speech, saying no out loud or dissolving oneself in love.

The dancers have produced solo videos on one aspect of love, which serve as the basis for the production and the love parcours through the ehrenfeldstudios.

In video projections, sound installations and dance performances, the rooms of the ehrenfeldstudios will become a parcours of love in which the audience can move freely.

Join us in exploring the many facets of love and try to endure and defend this great feeling with us!


Artistic direction and choreography: Silke Z.
Performance: Daniela Riebesam, Vivien Kovarbasic, Caroline Simon, Dennis Schmitz, Jimin Seo, David Winking, Hanna Held, Annika Bode, Meike Kattwinkel
Intergenerative dramaturgy: André Zimmermann, Bettina Muckenhaupt, Lilith Giles
Production Management: Annina Pomaska
Sound Design: André Zimmermann
Lighting Design: Wolfgang Pütz
Costume and stage: Claudia Grünig, Annina Pomaska
Dance mediation: Silke Z., Caroline Simon, Dennis Schmitz, Hanna Held
Management: Hanna Held
Administration: Carina Graf
Organization: Anna Boldt
Public Relations: Vinya Cameron
Press: Kerstin Rosemann
Photo Documentation: Claudia Grünig, Annina Pomaska
Video documentation: Barbara Schröer

The overall concept is supported by the following partners:

Co-production: Fokus Tanz e.V. Munich

Cooperation: Junges Schauspielhaus Bochum, Albertus-Magnus-Gymnasium Cologne, ehrenfeldstudios e.V.

Thanks to the students of TMK classes of Albertus-Magnus-Gymnasium Cologne for their input to the production!

Funded by the state of NRW within the framework of the 3-year conceptual funding and the city of Cologne within the framework of the multi-year project funding.