Studiotrade is a European network of choreographers, producers and dance organizations that facilitates the exchange of studio space, infrastructure and residency programs, for research and the development of new spaces and contexts for dance artists.

studiotrade was founded in 2010 on the initiative of the Cologne artists Silke Z. and Caroline Simon with six other partner countries (Finland, Lithuania, Portugal, France, Ireland, England) and has been active ever since. The network now has 15 partners from a total of nine countries. Now new partners have joined!

The philosophy of the network is based on trust, fairness, generosity and comprehensive commitment. The networking of the guest artists with the guest scene is an essential part of the cultural exchange.

studiotrade sees itself as a network platform that enables artists to experiment with their own ideas and concepts, as well as to generate a worldwide dialogue about alternative art and cultural mediation developed by artists.

Insight into the international dance network festival Sharing Across Borders in September 2021 at ehrenfeldstudios, Cologne.